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We offer a FREE unique hearing experience in our purpose made 'Hearing Room', allowing you
to test the latest hearing solutions, programmed to your hearing loss, within everyday environments, such as listening to the television, or in a busy restaurant.

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Being 'Independent' allows us to find the most suitable hearing solution for your hearing loss, from any one of the UK's leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers.

You can be assured of a friendly, knowledgeable and fully bespoke service.


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With our wealth of experience, and history within the industry, our family values and excellent customer service, you can be assured of the very best service at ALL times.

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We offer the very latest, totally independent Hearing Solutions.  Most of the well-known High Street Hearing Aid providers are not totally independent, as they are single manufacturer owned, therefore the options are restricted, meaning you are not necessarily given the very best solution to your individual hearing needs and lifestyle desires.
Your FREE consultation will establish 6 key factors:
"What is my degree of hearing loss?"
Any degree of hearing loss should be treated with a hearing solution.  As long as there is hearing present, we can work with it, whether it be mild, moderate, severe or profound.
"What type of hearing loss do I have?"
Sensory neural - the most common type, usually age related or noise induced.
Conductive - can be due to historic infections, perforated eardrums or middle ear disorders.
Mixed - a combination of both types of hearing loss.
Sometimes your type of hearing loss can limit your choice of style of hearing solution.
"Do I need to inform you of any medical hearing health issues I have or have had?"
Yes please, we need to know if you have or have had any of the following
Tinnitus, perforations, infections, earache, discharge, rotary vertigo, sudden hearing loss, fluctuating hearing or noise exposure.
"Do I have a choice of style of hearing solution?"
Style  depends on many things, do you have a preference on how your hearing solution looks, do you wear glasses, would you prefer behind the ear (BTE) or (RIC) in the ear (ITE) full shell, half shell, canal, or completely in the canal (CIC), or 100% invisible (Lyric)?  Do you need wireless connectivity, would you like rechargeable batteries that never need to be changed, are cosmetics important to you, do you have suitable dexterity, user friendly, ...........and so on.
"Can you provide a hearing solution to fit my individual lifestyle?"
Yes we can, you tell us where you struggle most with your hearing issues, with family, in a crowded room, at work, in meeting, listening to the television, at the theatre, during any particular leisure activity, or any other situation that you feel a hearing solution would help you.
"Can you provide me with a hearing solution within my budget?"
The cost of a hearing solution is dependent on all of the above points, and determined on the level of technology you require.
Good quality hearing solutions start from as little as £495
The Hearing Room Experience
Once we have established all of the above, we will then move to our unique 'Hearing Room', where we will demonstrate and prove benefit with hearing solutions programmed to your hearing loss. Thus enabling you to experience the results in 'virtual' reality situations that are usually difficult when suffering with a hearing loss, such as the television at home, or in a busy restaurant for example.